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2008-11-25 09:16:38

Montrose team respond to seal pup for SWRT

A call was taken from Isla at Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust in Dundee, asking if local BDMLR goup were able to help them by responding to a grey seal pup reported to them which was at Monifeith hauled out on rocks. Elaine Roft took the number of the caller who had called it in (Liseena) saying that Medics would liaise with her directly and meet at an agreed rendevous point later. (Consideration being given to responding medics to clock out of work etc first and collection of seal transportation tank prior to them heading to the scene).

With myself due to start work, Montrose/Arbroath Medics Bob Pert and Thom McNeil offered to respond to the call, with Tayforth Medics Stewart Burns and Fiona Monaghan (standing by for relay to SSPCA Facilities at Middlebank, Inverkeithing). Sue White at BDMLR Head Office was given all details by Elaine and provisionally booked a seal pen and updated Jason Carter who was covering BDMLR out of office hours phone asking him to communicate with those en route to the scene.

Problems trying to contact Liseena as agreed, due to her mobile constantly going to voicemail, resulted in Elaine communicating with Isla from SWRT to try and get an exact location from Liseena, who, was at this time, communicating with Gareth Norman to get an ETA of Medic arrival, hence our not being able to get her on the phone! for liaison as discussed.

Isla mentioned a caravan park, so with 2 in the area, Bob Pert decided to head for the beach from the Caravan Park that he was at. He finally met up with Liseena, and the grey seal pup. It was a female, semi weaned, aggressive and of excellent body weight with no signs of illness etc, however, the area it was in is notorious for scavenging foxes.

Bob and Thom uplifted the pup and it was relocated to a quieter area (location witheld) after a treacherous journey for Bob and Thom from its original location, walking along ice covered rocks. Jason Carter at BDMLR was updated on the outcome and Medics Stewart Burns and Fiona Monaghan asked to stand down and the seal pen at Middlebank cancelled by Jason. Elaine called Isla at SWRT updating her also for their records.

Thanks to member of the public Liseena for reporting it, Isla (Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust) for handing the call over to BDMLR, Montrose/Arbroath Co-ordinator Elaine Roft (Comms), Montrose/Arbroath Medics Bob Pert and Thom McNeil (Response), Tayforth Medics Stewart Burns and Fiona Monoghan (Relay Standby), Sue White at BDMLR HO (Comms) and Jason Carter (BDMLR out of office hours comms), Colin at SSPCA for provisional booking of a seal pen and BDMLR vet Cameron McPherson (available later if needed for professional services).

Due to darkness and poor lighting, the medics on scene were unable to get a photograph of tonights pup.

Elaine Roft
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose/Arbroath Co-ordinator