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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-29 09:15:56

Montrose and Tayforth teams and SSPCA respond to 2 pups

Seal pupPup 1: was called in at 09.22am by member of the public Steven Allan whilst out dog walking.The pup was wailing its head off and distressed having possibly been in its current location all night. Steven was able to contact me having seen the BDMLR strandings poster displayed on a nearby telegraph pole. Medic Bob Pert responded to the call and clarified that the now sleeping grey seal pup was unweaned and was found at St Ninians well (Arbroath), having come of the beach, up a slipway, crossed a road and was situated well away from the shore off the beaten track and lying on the grass. (Talk about the incredible journey!!) A bench and public conveniences in the same area.! and loads of dog walkers (as Bob walker city...he has never seen so many dog walkers out at the same time). BDMLR on call Alex Levine was called and updated that the wee pup was uplifted and would she confirm to Middlebank that it was coming in, having provisionally booked a seal pen earlier for us. The pup name "Wailer" was relayed to SSPCA Facilities at Middlebank with the help of Tayforth Medic Sally Hessey and Volunteer Jane who met up with Bob at Dundee where the pup was tubed Lectade fluids. Elaine spoke with Colin at SSPCA Middlebank and gave him uplift location and pups details. Given the distance that this pup traveled to reach its resting place, there was absolutely no way mum would have hauled out and followed its cries taking the same route of travel! The tide also comes in to the defense barriers, so if mum wasn't around there was a possibility that our pup would have drowned if it was taken back to the rocky foreshore. Relocation was not an option either as there was no way mum would have found it as there's no place suitable within that area for relocation (steep cliffs).

Elaine Roft and Bob Pert
BDMLR Montrose/Arbroath

Following the hand over: On clinical exam at the time of handover the pup was bright and alert, no external signs of trauma, no ocular/nasal discharge. Was tubed with ~150ml lectade. Auscultation of the chest did not reveal any adventitious lung sounds. Respiratory pattern regular with periods of apnea.At Middlebank the pup was weighed (13.75kg), checked to be female and named Affric (we're onto scottish loch's this year!). She was also given the reference number 2768. She will be given time to settle in and then fed again later.Thanks for all your help.

Sally Hessey
BDMLR Tayforth

Pup 2: 09.50am Whilst at home preparing fluids for pup 1 above, Bob called Elaine to say that another seal pup had been reported at The West Links in Arbroath by another member of the public (Bobs next door neighbour and his dog "Tess". In case we had the possibility of 2 seal pups needing to go to Middlebank Elaine called Colin at The SSPCA (prior to Bobs departure to meet Sally Hessey) who confirmed that his inspector would respond to this one as she was already in the area and this would take some of the pressure of us having to take 2 down.(Not sure if Sally Hesseys car could accommodate 2 pups anyway!!) and SSPCA had no room in their van to take our pup. This pup was slightly bigger than the first, starting to molt and there were a few wounds to the rear flippers. Thanks to member of the public Steven Allan (pup 1), Montrose Medic & Co-ordinator Elaine Roft, Montrose Medic & Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert, Alex Levine BDMLR on call, Tayforth Deputy Co-ordinator Sally Hessey and Volunteer Jane, Colin at SSPCA Middlebank Bobs next door neighbour and "Tess" the dog, (pup 2) SSPCA Inspector on duty, Colin at SSPCA Middlebank Well done to all involved today given that the weather played havoc with reception on everybodys mobiles.

Elaine Roft and Bob Pert
BDMLR Montrose/Arbroath