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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-12-01 09:39:25

Seal Pup on South Shields Beach

A small weaned pup was found by Neil Davies at around 09.00am the pup was shaking and thin. He called BDMLR as he tried to keep the pup warm. As the pup was unresponsive it was decided that Neil would taken the pup straight to the vets Blythman and Partners on Boldon Road in South Shields. Vet Nurse Joanne sort advise from BDMLR'S Chief Veterinary adviser James Barnett when the pups temperature was 35.5 degrees C and the pup was not responding. Graeme Shaw the Assistant Coordinator for the area arrived at the vets to see if he could assist with getting the pups temperature up and to help if a relay was going to be needed. Luckily after been given fluids and being kept warm the pups temperature rose to 36.4 at 11.30am. We were worried that the seal pup would not be able to make a long journey to Scarborough and when news came back from the RSPCA to advise that they would take the seal to Mary Carruthers for treatment and care until it was stable enough to go to the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at East Winch later in the week.

Our thanks go to Neil Davies, the staff at Blythman & Partners, James Barnett, Graeme Shaw, Mary Carruthers and the RSPCA and Alex Levine.

Sue White
BDMLR Chief Administrator