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2008-12-10 09:37:42

BDMLR and SWRT work together to help semi weaned grey seal pup

Seal pup (Photo: Gareth Norman, Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust)9 December
BDMLR on call. Alex Levine called me after there was no response from a mass text sent out, informing of a seal pup on westhaven beach, Carnoustie. Montrose/Arbroath Medic Bob Pert responded after he was called by myself in a bid to help Alex and the seal pup, with Stewart Burns on standby to assist, once the pup had been traced. Location details given, 82 Westhaven, west of the log, proved negative in Bobs search for the pup so the rescue was called off after a thorough search of the North and South ends of the beach at 8.30 - 9pmish and confirmation from Alex that the caller Morag McKenzie was out for the evening so we couldn't call her to get specific directions. High tide was due at 23.20hrs so we had plenty of time on our hands had the caller been at home.

10 December
Trevor Weeks (National Co-ordinator) called to say that Morag had been back on the phone saying the seal pup was still in the same location and that she had monitored it every hour with a neighbour throughout the night and that no Medic had turned up!! Confirmation was given that Bob attended, but as it transpires, the location was actually 8 East Row, Westhaven which meant Bob was in the wrong area on Tuesday. Medic Thom McNeil attended today and a semi weaned grey was finally uplifted after 24hrs on the beach. It was taken to Gareth Norman at Shanwell Wildlife Rescue trust where fluids (200mls of liquid lifeaid) was given and first aid was administered, (250mg Noroclav) for severe respiratory distress, a puncture wound above its tail which may require suturing was bathed, a bloody wound to the pelvic area bathed in saline solution and alamycin applied,crusty eyes and wounds to upper and lower eyelids bathed in saline solution and small wounds to the flippers which were treated. Temperature was 37.9 on admission. The pup named "Wodden" a male weighing in at 11kg, was settled in a seal pen under a heat lamp and Gareth continued administration of fluids throughout the night. Arrangements have been made for uplift from the Shanwell unit tomorrow and transfer to SSPCA Middlebank by Medics Thom McNeil and Stewart Burns, leaving the Dundee unit at 11am.

Thanks to Morag McKenzie (for reporting it), Alex Levine, Trevor Weeks, Elaine Roft, Bob Pert, Thom McNeil, Stewart Burns (All BDMLR), SSPCA MiddlebankSincere thanks to Gareth Norman and Isla Gayton (Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust) for assisting the Montrose/Arbroath team, your help was very much appreciated.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue