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2008-12-16 16:58:18

Assault course for medics rescuing seal pup

Seal pupAfter recieving a call from Member of the public Mr McDonald this morning, Medics Sue and Paul Horne attended location during Medic availability being sought by Head Office and myself. A semi weaned grey seal pup, very thin and malnourished although alert aggressive and responsive was found and immediately uplifted from the beach by the medics and (Jack - member of public). It was easy to get the pup into the tank, he offered very little resistance. Now the hard part! The medics had to walk over 1/2 mile with the tank and, as the boardwalk had been washed away, had to scramble over big boulders brought down by the recent high tides.

Off the beach, Sue reported back that the pup had gone flat and was now very lethargic. Respirations were 13bpm and very raspy, eyes were crusty, small sores to body and an old wound on back, although colour was good. With phone lines busy at Middlebank and SSPCA mobile out of range SSPCA Central Control sent an internal e mail to Colin Sedden asking him to call me. A seal pen was booked for Wednesday, with the pup going to Gareth Norman at Shanwell Wildlife Rescue trust in Dundee (also BDMLR Medic) for urgent first aid/tubing and overnight stay for stability (relay from Montrose to Dundee carried out by BDMLR Medic Stewart Burns who had uplifted the pup from Medics Sue and Paul) and help sought for relay to Middlebank from Dundee for Wednesday morning. It was decided, later, and after uplift, if possible, to get the pup to Middlebank today, agreed by Head Office with Stewart Burns happy to go the full distance once it had been checked over by Gareth, HOWEVER, Stewart had called in minutes earlier to confirm he was on his way to Dundee and the pup was very flat. Gareth was updated and confirmed that if he felt the pup was too flat and unstable to travel further he would accommodate overnight as arranged and let myself and Head Office know. Meantime, Director and Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Nick Duthie called in to say he was happy to take the pup named "Jack" to Middlebank on his way to Edinburgh. Elaine said she would confirm once Gareth had been in touch re suitability for pup travelling Tuesday or Wednesday as Stewart was able to transport today if deemed fit enough.BDMLR consulting vet Cameron McPherson had been called and messages left on home number and mobile prior to and during uplift of seal pup, but, with no response we can only assume he was engaged in other veterinary duties or out of the area.

Update: Pup weighed 16kg, all wounds have been treated, tubed 260mls lectade, then transferred to Middlebank the same day by BDMLR Medic Stewart Burns. Uplifted from Montrose North. SSPCA Reference number: 2846. Named "Stack".

Elaine Roft
Area Co-ordinator for Montrose/Arbroath
(Inverbervie to Easthaven)