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2008-12-21 09:08:27

BDMLR Aberdeen respond to seal call out for SSPCA

A voicemail message was left on my mobile from Louise at SSPCA asking if we would respond to a seal pup at Kineff near Montrose on her behalf as she was tied up in Perth with an abandonment case and it would be dark by the time she arrived on scene.The pup was reported to be frothing at the mouth and had slitty eyes. With no free medics in my area available, I called SWRT asking if they would respond, and whilst waiting on confirmation from them, would try to contact SSPCA for specific location/directions as I hadn't a scoobie where Kineff near Montrose was!! It transpires that theres a Kineff near Redcastle (Montrose) and a Kineff South Of Dundee. Contact finally made with Louise at SSPCA she confirmed it was Kineff in Aberdeenshire! (Todhead Lighthouse) so SWRT who were happy to go were now asked to stand down and Nick Duthie called since it was in his area. Whilst en route to the sick seal, at Nicks request contact was made with Laurence Brain to see if he would take the pup and prepare vitamin B12 for Nicks arrival. Laurence was unable to accommdate the seal, so Vets Robson and Partners (Laurencekirk) were on standby to inject the pup with vitamin B12 having spoken with Laurence who advised etc, Nick would tube and take temperature and it would then carry on for overnight B&B at SWRT, going to Middlebank on Monday. A Seal pen was booked with Colin Seddon. Sue White at BDMLR was informed of all proceedings.

At approx 4pm Nick confirmed that the seal had taken to the water, but was able to note that it was a juvenile (young adult), vomit nearby and a possible wound on back. There was also a dead seal nearby. With light now fading, The vet was updated on the situation so they could leave the surgery, Nick updated SWRT that the pup would not be coming in and was also going to inform Sue of BDMLR.Nick also intended to call BDMLR vet James Barnett of the dead seal incase a post mortem was required. Louise at SSPCA was also updated and the seal pen at Middlebank cancelled. Thanks to all for response/standby/

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Co-ordinator

Nick Duthie
Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator