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2008-12-27 17:12:02

Boxing day call out

4.30pm: seal pup call out tonight (26 December) to my mobile... doesnt sound like an emergency from the description although the caller did try Medic Rebecca Chambers house not realising she was away for the festive period. No Medics free in my area and was waiting on word back from SWRT to see if they could assist. During this time Sue White BDMLR on call was notified and Aberdeenshire Medic Ian Sims number sought.

For safety, (poor light) and location (tricky) and confusing, the pup will be checked tomorrow as advised by Sue White - Head Office. Medic help (Ian Sim) has been arranged for an early morning shout arranging to meet the caller who will take to exact location by an easier shorter route in daylight.

Update: Aberdeenshire Medic Ian sim popped to location last night at 5.42pm having chatted to the caller Gerry McGuire who was willing to accompany him. no seal pup to be found. Ian will check again tomorrow 27th to make sure it hasnt hauled itself away from the wall and into adjacent fields. (Bob Pert and Thom McNeil on standby to assist with relay if pup found and rehab required).

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator

27 December update: No sign of any physical injury or illness and well fed appeared to be just resting and situation is being monitored through-out the day. Spoke to a few of the locals and asked to spread the word that the situation is under control and ask them to please leave the seal pup to its own devices, if anything crops up will let you know, hopefully a happy ending to a story.

Concerned that the pup was still in the same area after 48hrs, and not knowing the I.D or weaning status of the seal, It was agreed that Elaine Roft and Thom McNeil would meet up with Ian Sim to offer some support on his first seal call out, having chatted with Jamie Dyer and Sue White.Nick Duthie was at Todhead Lighthouse further North and was happy to join us, and If the pup was an uplift was happy to take it to Middlebank. On our arrival at the scene the pup was nowhere to be found again although some hair was left in the location where it had been resting. Fortunately Ian had managed to take a photo of its head and neck so we were able to determine that it was a grey, and from his excellent description of its rear end, we determined it to be semi weaned, probably borderline. Ian will continue to monitor the area and call for extra help if the pup hauls out again.

Thanks to Medics Ian Sim, Nick Duthie (Aberdeen), Elaine Roft, Thom McNeil (Montrose/Arbroath), Sue White BDMLR Head Office, Jamie Dyer (Scottish Co-ordinator).

Ian Sim
Montrose/ Grampian Area Medic