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2008-12-31 17:20:42

Hogmanay call out for Montrose team

Seal pupA Hogmanay call was made to our Co-ordinator Elaine Roft's mobile at 9.16am from member of the public Bob Blue reporting a seal pup very much high and dry at Arbroath between the signal tower and sewage pumping station (lots of dog walkers around too). Medics from that area unavailable so, we, Sue and Paul Horne from Montrose responded with Tayforth Medic Stewart Burns en route from Dundee to assist. Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust available to assist with rehydration fluids / temperature taking and any necessary first aid if pup was an uplift candidate, which would be taken to SWRT by BDMLR Tayforth Medic Stewart Burns prior to transportation to Middlebank.

Medics arrived on scene/no pup /Elaine checked with SSPCA to see if they had responded..they had taken a call but not responded yet/ caller came to beach to make sure we were in the right area which we were, tide well out, no drag marks indicating pup had made it to the sea...Then we were approached by a civillian police officer who arrived and informed us that on seeing the pup in its current location she called Arbroath police station where she works who advised that she usher it away from the pavement and the nearby main road (approx 100yrds away). Having done this, the civillian officer then sat on the grass for over an hour and an half (almost hypothermic herself) as the pup made its way slowly down the side of a wall and embankment over the rocks and back to the sea which was well out.

Pup was well away from beach on a pavement heading for grassy area when reported to Elaine. Lying on stomach, no fight and unresponsive when dogs off leads approached it. Probably tired and hypothermic and according to Elaine in an area with a medium coliform risk to humans. Photo obtained from the civillian officer as she was ushering it away from the pavement confirms the pup to be a fully weaned grey. Patrols are continuing and if it hauls out again it will be taken to SWRT for fluids, respiration check, temperature check and assessment based on observations from Bob Blue (no fight in it) and relocated if deemed well enough to an area away from coliform risk or taken to Middlebank for rehab if necessary. Sincere thanks to Bob Blue (Thorntons Solicitors) for his species accuracy and for leaving his work to help in the search, and to Arbroath police for sending internal e mail to all stations advising of health and danger risks and not to usher seals back into water! although in this case, ushering it away from the pavement and road was a must until professional help from either BDMLR or SSPCA arrived.Unfortunately the pup decided to carry on to the sea after its gentle persuasion. SWRT were cancelled. Sue White and Lesley (BDMLR Out of hours) informed and updated by our Co-ordinator Elaine Roft.

Sue and Paul Horne
Marine Mammal Medics