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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-12-31 17:26:05

Second Hogmanay pup for Montrose team

Seal pupMy neighbours alerted me to a seal pup outside my door on the slipway heading for the Road at King Street, Ferryden at 5pm. After a few attempts by passers by the pup was ushered back to the waters edge where it then entered the water, swam in a circle then hauled back out heading for the road again.

Underweight showing folds of loose skin but very very aggressive and with no kennel, improvisation was used! a wheelie bin cleaned out that day and disinfected following xmas, was laid on its side and the pup herded into it. It was then wheeled approx 20 yrds to my back garden and placed in my outside kennel run. The fully weaned grey despite being malnourished and dehydrated was otherwise in good condition with no signs of obvious trauma or discharges from the eyes, ears and nose. Respirations were 12bpm and it was quite happy fanning itself out and regulating its body temperature once in my kennel away from the openess of the beach which was baltic at minus 5 degrees. The pup was displaying a orange rear flipper tag from London Zoo, Number 58718. Elaine called Colin Seddon at Middlebank to confirm the pup would be coming in with Tayforth Medic Stewart Burns who arrived at my house at 6.30pm. ETA at Middlebank 9.45pm as the roads were icy and it would take a little while transporting down the coast roads. Colin confirmed that the pup was not one of their rehabbed seals and would be interested to find out where it had come from. Elaine has since e mailed Ailsa Hall at SMRU to see if the pup was tagged on the Isle Of May as a white coat or on the Farne Islands and will let us know in due course if there is any feedback. The pup was named "Slipway" for our references until it receives its new name at SSPCA Facilities in Middlebank.

Jacque Watt
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose/Arbroath Area

Update: Pup arrived at Middlebank at 8.30pm (having made good headway getting down there earlier than anticipated) and on admission was given the name "Ken" and reference number 2877.

Stewart Burns
Marine Mammal Medic
Tayforth Area