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2008-12-30 12:33:33

Last Seal of 2008

Seal pupColin Bird had a call from a member of the public regarding an injured seal pup at Whaligoe. Colin popped along to take some photos and discovered a weaned white coat with a fair amount of its white coat already lost. From what he could see the pup had a gash wound to its side and bite marks to its right fore flipper, both of which looked some what minor the hope being that natures own healing would take place and the pup would recover and take to the water without the need to go into hospital.

The decision was made to leave the pup to see how things developed. Sad to say on returning to the pup it was still in the same spot having really not moved at all and was still looking somewhat subdued. We decided it needed a closer inspection however with its position we needed to wait until the following day as tides only permitted access at certain times of day.

We all met in the car park to the top of the steps, Jamie Dyer was in attendance to asses the pups wounds with the possibility of treating on site so the pup need not be disturbed, also David who looks after the steps for advice on access. We then made the long trek down the Whaligoe steps 337 in all if you have never visited this cove here's a link.

The trip down being the easier of the two only took a few minutes and after a scramble across some rock we were soon with the pup all 22kgs of him who looked in a very sorry state. Colin jumped the pup to be examined and it was soon discovered by Jamie that the fore flipper was badly infected with puss dripping from it, so the animal was bagged for the journey up the steps to the waiting seal hospital ambulance. The pup was soon in a black tub for its short journey to Highland Seal Hospital.

Thanks to everyone involved namely Jamie Dyer, Colin Bird, David and my Son Terry who came along to help carry the bag up the steps.

Richard Bradley
Area Coordinator Caithness

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