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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-01-02 16:08:31

Grey Seal Pup at Whitby

Seal pupIt's the first day back after the festive season and the second Grey pup of 2009 is in need of help. BDMLR HQ received a call from Scarborough Sealife Centre, they had received a report of a small pup on the slipway at Whitby. I contacted Chris Watson who spotted the seal pup, he was waiting with the pup and stayed throughout the rescue. The pup was very small and had not made any attempt to move and was in a busy area. Luckily Medic Gary Pearson was only 10 mins away and was able to assess the pup. It was fairly lifeless and was still mainly white with a few grey patches and was only approximately 18inches long. After a few phone calls the relay was set up, Todd at Scarborough Sealife was able to take the pup in for care and Medic Fenella England was on her way with the seal crate to collect the pup from Gary. I spoke to Scarborough Sealife today and the pup is doing really well and should make a full recovery for release in the next few months.

Our thanks go to Chris Watson, Gary Pearson, Fenella England and Todd at Scarborough Sealife Centre for another successful rescue.

Sue White