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2009-01-03 18:09:28

Pup Rescues - Updates from Middlebank

WailerWailer our unweaned grey renamed Affric uplifted from the Victoria Park (Arbroath) November 29th 2008 now weighs an incredible 21.5kg. He is currently in the outdoor pool to build muscle tone before he is tagged and released in approximately 2 weeks.

WoddenWodden our semi weaned grey renamed Spiggie uplifted from Westhaven (Carnoustie) December 10th 2008 now weighs 23.95kg. He is sharing the outdoor pool with Affric and he too will be released with "Affric" in approximately 2 weeks time once he has been tagged.

JackJack our fully weaned grey renamed Stack uplifted from Kinnaber, Montrose December 16th weighs 21.5kg and has now been transferred from his dry pen indoors to a wet pen indoors. He will be in rehab a little longer than Affric and Spiggie as he has yet to have a spell in th outdoor pool after his period of rehab on the wet side.

SlipwaySlipway our fully weaned grey renamed Ken uplifted from Ferryden on 31.12.08 is currently in a dry pen, feeding well and very quiet. He will be released once he has gained some weight and shows some signs of aggressiveness!! too quiet for a grey apparently!! We are also waiting on confirmation as to where/when he was originally flippered tagged with orange rota tag ID 58718.

Sadly, 3 of the 5 grey seal pups found in the Fife area, featured in the courier have not faired so well.1 had to be put to sleep as its eyes were blown out, the other 2 were so ill euthanasia was the best option for them.These pups came from the Methil and Crail areas and were picked up by the SSPCA.

» Five abandoned seal pups in care

Elaine Roft
Montrose Coordinator