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2009-01-08 14:11:13

Drastically underweight pup rescued from Carnoustie

Underweight seal pupCall taken from Member of the public Lesley Keillor reporting a seal pup in distress on Carnoustie beach between the Leisure centre and the hotel on the golf course. Arbroath Medic Thom McNeil was contacted and set off for the location shortly after 4pm. Dundee Medic Stewart Burns was to make his way from Dundee to meet up with Thom with the seal transportation tank (in case the pup was an uplift) and to assist with the pup due to fading light (health and safety precautions). A Messgae was left on Middlebanks voice mail for availability of a seal pen and Lesley BDMLR on call informed of proceedings at current time (4.30pm). After receiving photos to my mobile phone from Medic Stewart Burns an uplift of the pup was confirmed by myself to the Medics at 4.54pm since the medics on scene were unsure. The pup named "Thor" was a fully weaned grey, loose folds of skin showing, distinct neck and lying on its side with eyes closed and shivering (indicating hypothermia). After explaining respiration procedures to the Medics they confirmed resps to be 21-25bpm (probably stress related now due to the onlookers surrounding the pup prior to uplift). There appeared to be no signs of discharges, coughing or sneezing. Stewart was advised to keep the pup warm and calm and to transport immediately to Middlebank as Colin Seddon had since confirmed a seal pen to me. Lesley (BDMLR on call) was informed of the pups uplift.

The photo was sent to Colin Seddon at Middlebank by myself explaining that was all that I had to go on and with the medics on scene being inexperienced I had to make a snap decision based on weather, temperature outside, fading light and what seemed to be a very ill pup but we all know that photographs can sometimes portray a different story! I was horrified when Stewart called from Middlebank to say that our pup named "Thor" weighed an horrific 11kg... yes... that's right...11kg. Im satisfied that my decision as based on the photo sent to my mobile (picture above ) was correct and that in this case, my decission as Coordinator was the right decision and one that has helped to save this pups life hopefully. We will keep you updated on the pups condition.

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator

I arrived at Middlebank with "Thor" at 18.40hrs, having followed Instruction from Elaine Roft and was met by SSPCA Manager Colin Seddon. Our pup named "Thor" was renamed "Tay" and given reference number 0024. He weighed in at 11.9kg, was tube fed lectade rehydration fluids and placed in a seal pen.

Stewart Burns
Dundee Medic

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