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2009-01-06 12:07:50

Seal Pup on Filey Beach

Seal pupThe day started with work as normal, finished at 2pm and headed home. My car was due into the garage for it's MOT but I could not remember the exact time, a phone call later and the MOT was put off by the garage until the day after.

So, what's he on about your thinking, well I decided to take my dog Ryker to the beach instead, so off we went and arrived around 2:40 pm, walking down onto the beach I just happened to look to my right and spotted someone in a Hi viz coat around 200 mtrs away.

I stood and squinted my eyes for a bit and thought it looked like Damon Taylor, one of our local medics, but was not sure, he looked to be sat or kneeling on the sand but I could not see anything near him.

I set off towards him to investigate, Ryker was running free off the lead so I kept calling him back to me just incase, anyway we got to about 50 mtrs away from this man in the Hi Viz when he stood up an went into keep your dog away mode.

It was Damo, as I call him, and he was seal sitting, I asked him what time he got the call, he said around 2:15 pm, then I explained I had no idea I just happen to be down with Ryker.

Damo was trying to send a photo of the pup to Trevor, but could not get a signal, I checked the BPM from a safe distance as I still had Ryker on his lead next to me. They were ok and I could not see any obvious marks on the pup, I asked Damo what his plan was and he thought it best to move the pup to an area with less MOPs and dogs.

The Grey pup had good weight and was very alert, while we were watching it and thinking of places to take it a guy from Sealife turned up, Todd, was on a day off but got a call and thought he would take a look. I went and got the car so we could move our pup, and phoned Trevor to say that was the plan and we would let him know if anything changed.

When I got back to Damo and Todd it was time to jump it, but as I moved in the pup decided he would scarper, but as he did so I noticed he was not using his front left flip at all, just dragging it along, I told Todd who came for a closer look and as I got onto the pup I could see the problem.

It looked like an old injury, we thought it was broken at first but later decided it was a large abscess, on close inspection the pup had been in the wars and had old rake/bite marks around the back and underside of its head.

Todd made a phone call to Sealife and they said they could take it, so Damo helped me get our pup in the bag and we rang Trevor to update him. Only problem was I had no crate with me, just our seal bag, I wasn't expecting any seals you see, anyway it's not too far to Scarborough from Filey so we headed off after thanking Todd for his help.

We got there and where met by Josh and a girl who's name I did not get (sorry), we took the pup into the hospital and he was assessed, weighed (18 kg), and temp ed (36.7), and all his wounds cleaned and treated.

He was given multivits and sinulox and tubed, it was a male around 8 to 10 weeks old but quite small, he will be well cared for at Sealife, I'm sure he will make a full recovery in time.

A big thanks to Damon for going solo, he was prepared to go on his own and have a go, well done mate. And also thanks to Todd and Lyndsey and the staff at Sealife, cheers guys.

Bruce Pawson
Filey Medic