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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-01-18 10:42:52

Pup uplift Scotland

Seal pup17.15hrs: Seal pup reported to us by member of the public (we will call you Sandy! to protect your anonymity) you know who you are! in our patrol area, well away from the high tide line lying in grass. Medic Thom McNeil arrived on scene at 18.41hrs and with (Sandy's help! and the use of his truck) was taken to the seals location. Off road, through very muddy boggy fields and quite a distance away from the parking area. Location withheld on this report but filed with Head Office.

The fully weaned grey, which was dehydrated and malnourished but alert and aggressive was herded into the seal tank by Thom and Sandy, loaded into Sandy's truck and taken through the boggy fields back to the parking area and transferred to Thom's car. Thom made his way to Arbroath where Medic Stewart Burns was waiting at an arranged meeting point to resume relay to Middlebank at 20.14hrs.

A seal pen was provisionally booked with Colin Seddon at Middlebank when the call first came in and later confirmed with an ETA being 22.00hrs (All confirmed by Elaine Roft).

Our pup has been named "Triton" after Poseidon (God of the sea)'s messenger.

Mark Gregory BDMLR on call was informed prior to and after uplift of our pup.

Grateful and sincere thanks must go to (Sandy) for his help on the beach and for the use of his truck. Thanks to Medics Elaine Roft (Comms), Thom McNeil (Response on a bitterly cold night), Stewart Burns (Relay from Arbroath to Inverkeithing) and Sally Hessey who was initially going to relay to Middlebank from Dundee but was asked to stand down (after Elaine and Sally negotiated together with time ticking by rapidly) and when Stewart became available. Running out of time for meeting Sally was mainly due to the pups location which was time consuming and could not have been done without Sandys help!

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Co-ordinator

Pup arrived at Middlebank at 21.11hrs. Given reference name "Ard" and reference number 0053. It weighed in at 14kg, and a few small open sores were noticed on the left side towards the pelvic region and the right fore flipper. Colin Seddon was going to give "Ard" Lectade rehydration fluids an hour after its settling in period.

Stewart Burns and Thom McNeil


Seal Pup update 22.01.09 - doing well so far, starting to show interest in solid fish already.