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2009-01-18 18:04:47

Pup rescue at Crackington Haven

I received a call from Dave Jarvis about 1.25pm on Sunday 11th January about a seal pup on Crackington Haven beach.

Julian and I were at Asda in Bodmin at the time about to get some lunch, so that was cancelled and so we grabbed a quick sandwich instead.

When arrived at Crackington, I went to see Nick, the owner of the cafe who reported the seal that day.

He showed me where the seal was. I headed over to see how the pup was doing, and was met by Elena Haley a MMM from Kent down on a weekend break, and she too had been monitoring the seal till I arrived.

The pup looked absolutely exhausted, but looked quite healthy, and very round, but was showing no sign of aggression. So I headed back up to the cafe to use the phone. I rang Dave to double check that I should bring her in as was exposed to public and dogs right in the middle of the beach.

Got the all clear from Dave and Lesley, and headed back on the beach. As I arrived back I could see that the tide was coming in really quickly and it was sweeping the pup out further to sea. She was in an awkward spot at this point to grab her as she was in between jagged rocks.

Julian grabbed the vari kennel which he brought down previously and balanced it on the rock and held onto it for dear life, whilst I grabbed the seal, who didn't put up much of a fight, and Ele took the bottom half, to help me lift the pup into the cage. without being washed over.

After 3 attempts and a few mouthfuls of seawater, we got in her in quite safely. We all lifted her back up the beach in the kennel and were welcomed by members of the public giving us a round of applause. We all looked back at the beach and was shocked that we managed to get the pup when we did without getting ourselves washed away too Dave and Lesley Jarvis arrived a little while later and prepared her for her trip up to RSPCA West Hatch.

Thank you to Nick at the cafe, Ele and her pal, from Kent. Well done Ele on your first pup rescue!! Julian, for being my goffer and assistant. Thanks guys!

Michelle Robinson
Assistant Coordinator

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