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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-01-30 16:08:49

Bull seal callout and seal release

Swimming sealWe set off for Donna Nook in Lincolnshire at 10:10am with our cargo of two common and two grey seals, Rick, Lesley and Amy up front and myself in the back on monitoring duty, we stopped only to fuel up the van and were to meet Freddy and Joel at the Humber bridge as they were coming with us for the release.

On the way we got a call to say there was a report of a seal in Grimsby docks which may be sick that needed looking at and would we go with them to check it out, so we had a small detour to the docks to find a BIG bull seal patrolling the dock eating flat fish and taking it easy, he had been hauled out on the mud at one point but had gone back.

We found him just off the stern of a fishing boat next to the fish market, waiting for wash down as he cleans up the waste fish, the guy who controls the water level in the dock told us he was a fixture and had lived there for years, coming and going as he pleased. He had many battle scars and only had one eye, so we christened him Nelson, after deciding he did not need any help we were back on the road, It was now 12:30pm. (The guys at the dock were going to keep an eye on him).

We arrived at Donna Nook, the seals were all fine, one or two had been sleeping, while others had tried to escape, we signed in and got to the beach where we met a couple of guys who would transport the crates to the waters edge for us, everyone was feeling really excited by now and we couldn't wait to get down there and let them go.

We stood and watched for ages as they found there way down to the surf, we all had great big smiles stretching from ear to ear, it was one of those moments that will last a lifetime.

Then it was time for home and the journey back.

We must thank all the people involved especially Seal life staff, Todd, Josh and Amy who was on a day off but just wanted to be part of the whole thing, many thanks guys. Also Rick and not forgetting the guys at Donner Nook they were great.

Cheers Les for the invite, what a brilliant day.

Bruce Pawson
Marine Mammal Medic, Filey