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2009-01-17 15:56:15

White Coat, Kilnsea Beach

Seal pupOn Saturday 17th at around 2pm I received a text regarding a Grey Seal pup that needed monitoring at Kilnsea. So we packed the car and set off with my dad, he drives me everywhere, and by 3pm we where at the beach. We walked along the cliff to find Freddie and Joel sat there with Lucy, all of them pretty cold and frozen from the battering winds, and just along the beach was a very fat and fairly active full white coat. We took over and allowed Freddie, Joel and Lucy to go warm themselves up at the café and me and my dad took over in watching the seal and monitoring the sea for signs of Mum. Freddie and Joel returned at about 4.30pm after been warmed up and we took up watch again. Whilst all huddling in my dad’s beach wind break, we decided that naming the pup Andrex reflected the softness and whiteness of the pup’s coat. As light faded and with no signs of Mum, we broke off for the evening and arrange to meet again the next day.

The next day, Sunday, Freddie and Joel arrived at about 10am to watch the seal, who were joined by Abi and Ian (Medics), my Dad and I arrived at 2pm. Andrex was in the same spot, looking well, hydrated and active. The beach was very active with fisherman, walkers and dogs although all were responsive to our requests to give the pup a wide berth and restrain their dogs.

I checked out the reports of a adult seal about half a mile down the beach around the corner over the rocks, we thought that this may be the mother that had been possibly been injured on the rocks and buildings that had fallen down the cliff but unfortunately no seal was ever found, so we returned to the seal pup.

Neil, Lisa and Adam (Medics) had now joined us and other Medics were responding to offer their support if we needed to continue monitoring over the next few days. However, with no signs of Mum and given the level of public activity, after consulting James Barnett, with the light beginning to fade, the decision was made to lift the pup. A flurry of calls and a relay was arranged to go straight to East Winch that evening.

As the newbies, Abby and I were tasked with capturing Andrex, so Abby took the head and I distracted it, we managed the catch fairly easily and it went into the bag easy as well.

Ian took the pup on the first leg to Hull and met with Paul for the second leg to Russel and by 9.30pm, Andrex had arrived at East Winch still very feisty and vocal.

Thanks to Andy the Ranger, Fisherman on the beach, my Dad, all medics attending and those that offered their assistance (Lauren, Marcia), Mark - Out of Hours, James, Todd, Paul, Ian and Russel, East Winch and thanks to the public for their cooperation. Its amazing how many people gave their time to help a little pup.

Tanya, Joel and Freddie
Humber Area

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