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2009-02-03 14:58:31

New arrival: Seal pup from Wick

Grey seal pupReceived a phone call this afternoon from Marina Swanson one of the local Highland Rangers, working on the East coast of Caithness. She had been contacted by a member of the public regarding a seal on a grass embankment well off the beach at Wicks South Head. She believed with the very high tide and rough seas of the day, the seal had been washed over the boldered coastline and over a sea defence onto the grass.

I called Caithness medic Karl McFarquhar who was on his way home from work and able to do an initial assessment of the seal a few minutes later. Also spoke to medic Colin Bird who was shortly to leave work and head back to Wick asking him to let me know when he was home to be updated on progress.

A few minutes later the call came back from Karl that we had a fully weaned Grey Seal pup looking a little on the thin side and with no way of getting back to the sea, at best it needed to be moved to a part of the beach where it could access the sea. Karl contacted Colin who met him soon afterwards at the pups position and took photos which were sent to me and between them placed the pup in a black tub waiting for instructions as to the fate of the animal.

After receiving the photos I forwarded them to Heather of the Highland Seal Hospital who said that the pup was too thin and needed to come in for treatment and rehab. Karl had to head back to work therefore Colin kindly offered to take the pup to the seal hospital where he was met by Jamie and Heather.

Speaking to Jamie a little later that evening the pup turned out to be a 20kg male that was lively however had some breathing issues.

My thanks to Marina for her swift action in calling also to Karl and Colin for turning out on a very cold and windy night. Also as ever thanks to Jamie and Heather at the Seal Hospital.

Richard Bradley
Caithness Coordinator