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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-02-04 17:17:26

Grey Seal Pup - Newbiggin by the Sea

Grey seal pupAt around 14.00 Matt Berkley called in concerned about a pup that look thin on the rocks. Coordinator Richard Ilderton and Medic Caroline Sharples attended and assess the pup which they found to be small, underweight, lethargic and had an abscess on its left hind flipper. I contacted Blythman and Partners Veterinary Hospital in Gosforth luckily their Vet Carolyn had taken part in our MMM Vet course when a student and was happy to help. The pup was given fluids, antibiotics and also a bed for the night. I called SSPCA Middlebank Wildlife Centre and luckily they had room for another pup. The next morning a relay was set up to get the pup to SSPCA Middlebank. The pup weighs 15kilos and has been named "Long" after Loch Long and I'm happy to report that she is doing well.

A big thank you to all those involved with the rescue, to Matt Berkley, Richard Ilderton, Caroline Sharples, Caroline's friend, Vet Carolyn Algie and the staff at Blythman & Partners Veterinary Hospital in Gosforth. Kevin Redgrave , Donna Brown, Gail Johnston, Colin and staff at Middlebank and Veterinary Consultant Darryl Thorpe.

Sue White