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2009-02-06 17:19:38

Ainsdale Seal Rescue

Grey seal pupOn Friday 6th Feb I received a text alert from The BDMLR reporting a stranded seal on Ainsdale Beach.

I was actually just out completeing another task for the local emergency services so as luck would have it the veterinary ambulance I was driving had a large Varikennel in the back of it.

I made my way the the scene and on arriving at the beach I could see the Beach rangers vehicle about a mile out from the Shore line. At this point of the coast the sea retreats out quite far so even though the seal was now about a mile from the actual shoreline it was also still about 2 miles from the sea.

I drove over to where the seal was and was met by Lesley Clarke (MMM) and Billy Williams (Ranger) Lesley had already done an excellent job of assessing the seal which seemed to be repiratory distress. I then managed to jump on the seal and gave it a closer examination. It appeared to be a little pale, and have a mucus discharge from its nose although it was fairly alert.

With Lesley's help I then got the seal into a varikennel and transported it to Stapley Grange. The seal weighed 25.1kg and the staff there agreed with the diagnosis from BDMLR Vets.

Progress update: 10.02.09 - RSPCA Stapely Grange advised today that the pup was doing well and was suffering from a bad case of lungworm. He will be transferred to RSPCA East Winch hopefully later this week.

Our thanks go to Billy Williams, Medics Lesley Clarke, James Barnett, Darryl Thorpe, RSPCA Stapely Grange and Sue at Liverpool Coastguard.

Steve O'Connor EAAT
BDMLR Medic & Emergency Animal Ambulance Technician