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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-02-12 11:52:22

White-coat Seal pup at Towan Beach, Roseland, Cornwall

White coat seal pupBDMLR Coordinator Dave Jarvis received a call from the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, a small seal pup had been reported on Towan Beach. Dave was on business in the area and said would pop down and take a look. On arrival they found a beautiful but thin White-coat pup. It had a visible pelvis, lose skin and a wound on it's front flipper and shoulder. Dave called the Animal Care Team at National Seal Sanctuary to advise them of the situation. It was agreed that the pup should be brought in to the centre for rehab. Whilst Dave headed back to the car for some equipment Medic Lesley Jarvis kept an eye on the pup which was trying to get back in the water. Lesley took swift action with the help of a local family and her fleece! and managed to jump the pup to secure it until Dave returned with the seal bag. The pup weighed 14.5kg and was approximately 2-3 weeks old.

Thanks go to Dave and Lesley Jarvis, the family from Falmouth and the Animal Care Team at the National Seal Sanctuary.

Sue White