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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-02-18 18:07:50

Common Pups Released from BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital

Seal pup ready for releaseExciting news! Arnie, Bella and Kessock our Common seal pups were released on Sunday near Inverness. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the seal hospital team, all the pups are in wonderful condition. They are almost unrecognisable, from being tiny 12 & 13kilo's when first admitted to the hospital and now weighing around 39 kilos, what a difference! Read more about this release on the Seal Hospital Blog and see pictures of the Grey pups we still have in at the hospital. Roxy, Frosty, Lunar, Breeze, Abe and of course Pickles who should be ready for release very soon.

Thanks go to Jamie, Heather, Jim, Tracey, Jane and Charlie.

Sue White