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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-02-27 16:39:22

Dead Dolphin Call Out

Dead dolphinArea Co-ordinator Elaine Roft called me at 10.30am asking if I was free to respond to a dead baby dolphin that had been reported to SAC in Inverness by member of the public Chris Conolly. The cetacean was spotted between the 2 bridges at Riverside Drive, opposite the apartments in Dundee, in the water. I retrieved the body and it was bagged and placed in my car for transportation to qualified medic Bob Pert who would let Elaine know if it was fresh enough for post mortem and for species ID. If fresh enough, and as agreed by SAC we would transport it North nearer for uplift by SAC. 12.34 Bob Pert has confirmed the cetacean to be in a fresh state and confirmed as a female dolphin calf measuring 3-3.5ft in length (aprox). It has been taken North by Paul Horne during Changeover with seal pup. Elaine will contact SAC and provide location for carcass pick up for post mortem.

Stewart Burns and Thom McNeil
Marine Mammal Medics

Update: Medic Ian Sim currently transporting the dolphin from Montrose to Stonehaven and will meet up with Aberdeenshire Medic Nick Duthie who will resume relay to SAC services in Dyce where it will be collected by Bob Reid SAC Inverness tomorrow. Elaine has just received photos taken by Thom McNeil who assisted Stewart and can now confirm species to be a young common dolphin calf. It is being given priority and a post mortem will be carried out tomorrow with a copy of post mortem sent to Head Office and BDMLR vet James Barnett.