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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-02-27 16:42:38

Seal Call Out

SealOut dog walking on my patrol area, I came across a grey seal pup at Lathallan Burn North of Johnshaven at 10.15am. I Contacted area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft to let her know that medic Paul Horne was on his way with the seal tank as this was an uplift, and to assist me since I had dogs with me. The pup was uplifted from the beach at 11.24am as it had a distinct neck but otherwise reasonable body condition (borderline) very laboured raspy breathing, chronic diarrhoea and a few abrasions to its mouth and flippers. it was also very lethargic and respirations were recorded as 9bpm. Sue White BDMLR contacted SSPCA Middlebank to book a seal pen as Medics and co-ordinator were engaged in another call-out.The pup would be in Montrose at approx. 12 mid day. Photo shows pup as it arched its back and squealed before passing the first bout of diarrhoea.

Rebecca Chambers
Marine Mammal Medic Montrose/Arbroath

12.20 Seal pup now en route from Montrose to Arbroath (Travelling time approx 30 mins) where medic Thom McNeil will resume relay to Dundee. Breathing is very slow, and raspy and pup gasping. Asked Elaine to contact HO to see if we can have a BDMLR vet meet en route to Middlebank. Colin Lydell at Middlebank has been given an ETA for pups arrival 2pmish. Steven Drew, Medic and vet from East Neuk Veterinary Clinic will be updated on the pups progress by Elaine and if its condition is comprised during transit then a divertion to the St Monans Practice will go ahead so that Steven can check it over and administer any emergency first aid that may be required.

Paul Horne
Marine Mammal Medic Montrose/Arbroath

13.27 I have taken receipt of the pup from Paul Horne. Updated Elaine on its condition and she is happy that I continued to Middlebank. Sue White will inform Steven Drew that his professional veterinary services are not required as the pup has settled and no longer gasping. Pup arrived safely at Middlebank, weighed in at 22kg, was named "Buie" and given reference number 0243.bPerked up during transit and arrival.

Stewart Burns
Marine Mammal Medic Dundee

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