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2009-03-10 12:21:39

Injured Grey Seal Pup at Filey Brigg

Grey seal pupI got a call from Alex Levine on Saturday around 2:30pm, a seal reported as not moving to well and not using it's front flip at all, the first contact was a guy called James Waltham who had phoned it in, and met me when I arrived.

There were a lot of people some with dogs and a few with children standing around the pup when I got there, first job to was to make sure no one got any closer and that they be as still as possible while I tried to do my ob's.

The pup was on it's right side trying to rest but was constantly pawing at the side of its face, on closer inspection I saw a small abscess on the side of its mouth which must have been the cause, also there was a bite mark on the top lip and also on the underside of its chin.

When I got around the back you could see that there was fresh blood coming from the rear flips, at first I thought it was just a claw that had been bent or broken, but when I jumped it for a closer look the blood started to pour even more, it turned a nearby rock pool scarlet and the rocks around it the same.

By the time I got to the jumping stage Charles Baker a local cafe owner had made his way down after getting a call from the RSPCA asking him if he would take a look, he helped me to inspect the pup and get it into my seal bag, we then carried it back to my car, thank you for your help Charles, much appreciated.

Charles has told me he would like to do the course next time round, so I will be letting him know if we do any more this year.

After leaving the beach I waited for further instructions from Alex, so I started to fill in the paperwork near one of the local cafe's and was asked by a lady (Linda) if the seal was ok and what would happen to it, I explained to her it would more than likely end up going to East Winch where they take very good care of them and that all being well it would end up being released in a few weeks time.

Linda insisted on buying me a cup of coffee, and for that I was very greatful as it was fairly cold and a bit damp too, I promised to let her know what happened to the pup, and after hearing from Alex was on my way to meet Chris Lowes at Driffield for the handover. Chris took the pup onto Swanbridge at Hull where it received treatment and some fluids.

It was a female Grey, she had a temp of 39 and weighed 24.5kg, she will be moved onto East Winch in the morning, so it looks like a happy ending, lets hope so anyway.

Many thanks to Alex for her help on the phone to Charles Baker on the beach (and also the very nice helpful people I met down there, to Linda for the coffee (I won't forget, I will ring you to update you) and to Chris for coming over to Driffield from Hull to do the rest of the journey (Thanks mate your a star). Thanks also go to Robin Shipston and Russell New for relaying the pup and to RSPCA East Winch.

10.03.09: Update from East Winch - the pup is receiving treatment and is making good progress.

Bruce Pawson
Filey Marine Mammal Medic