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2009-03-27 13:58:51

Seal release in Lincolnshire

Seal pup releaseLast friday I went with Medics Dave Murray and Marlene Garnett to release four common seals in Lincolnshire. The staff at Sealife Scarborough asked if we would release the seals for them as they were short staffed and we did not need asking twice!

We arrived at Sealife in Scarborough at 08.30 to find our seals all packed and ready to go, so we loaded them into our vehicles and off we went, three in my car and one in Dave's (I have had one in my car before but never three, and I have to say they were very well behaved).

On the way we stopped for a break both for us and them, tea and a biscuit for us and a squirt of water for them.

On arrival at the designated release spot we met up with the next mode of transport. one tractor and a digger! Two at a time we took our little fat torpedos to meet their relations further up the beach. They became very vocal and excited as they could probably smell both the seals and the sea, it was an absolute thrill to see them go, a real privilege and, especially so, as I had rescued two of them to start off with. To see them looking so fit and healthy is down, yet again, to the brilliant care given by Lyndsay and her team at Scarborough Sealife.

Two headed straight for the sea, the other two must have been using the same sat nav as I have and headed back up the beach, so there was me jumping up and down like a lunatic trying to persuade them to go the right way, but you know seals! Eventually they went the right way and we said goodbye and good luck to our pups.

A big thank you to our tractor drivers. Their knowledge and insight into the seals and the colony was fantastic. They told us about how the mother seals are so protective of their pups, and how the mums use their own bodies to keep the sea away from the seal pups if the tide came too close, creating a protective barrier round them. I hope our little seals live a long and healthy life, having babies of their own and to be a small part of that makes all we do at BDMLR worthwhile.

Lesley Salisbury
East Yorkshire Medic

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