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2009-04-29 10:39:16

Porpoise stranding at Arthog, nr Barmouth, Wales

Stranded porpoiseAt 09.18, HQ received a report of a stranded porpoise on the salt marshes at Arthog. A member of the public had come across the animal and informed the Countryside Council for Wales. When Medics and Phil Lewis the Area Coordinator arrived they found that the porpoise was a male, 1 meter in length with what was first thought as superficial wounds.

The Porpoise was in fairly good body condition, so was moved to a small pool as the sea was approximately half a mile out. Local Vet Helen from Tudor, Lawson, Dallimore and Parry was on scene and was in touch with Darryl Thorpe, BDMLR Veterinary Consultant. After observing and monitoring the porpoise, its breath rate was foudn to be shallow. The Vet checked the wounds to its eye, body and dorsal fin and found them to be more severe than at first thought and that the animal had been on the marshes for some time. It was agreed by the Vets and Area Coordinator that the porpoise would not be well enough to refloat.

We are not sure why this porpoise became stranded, the original thought was that it may have suffered an attack from a dolphin but on further investigation it looked more like scavenger wounds. Blood samples were taken and will be sent for analysis. The body was taken by ZSL for a Post Mortem. Hopefully the results will shed a little more light as to why this poor porpoise stranded.

Special thanks go to Susan at Countryside Council for Wales, Phil Lewis, Barmouth Harbour Master, Chaynee Hodgetts, Chris Earing , Rod Gritten, Michael Tetley, Darryl Thorpe, Helen from Vets Tudor, Lawson, Dallimore and Parry, Rod Penrose and the Auxiliary Coastguard.

Sue White