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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-05-14 16:58:55

Striped Dolphin at Tenby, South Wales

Striped dolphinBDMLR was alerted to a dolphin that stranded at Giltar Point, South Beach Tenby on Saturday morning. Phil Lewis the Area Coordinator and RSPCA Inspector had been notified. Rod Penrose from Marine Environmental Monitoring and Terry Leadbetter from Welsh Marine Life Rescue arrived on scene to find that it was a striped dolphin around 2.4 meters long. The local people had attempted to refloat the animal which came straight back in shore. The dolphin had been rolled upside down by the surf and had lacerations to its back and beak and was also bleeding from the mouth. A local Vet Ashley Naidoo examined the dolphin and liaised with Darryl Thorpe one of BDMLR's Veterinary Consultants as to the dolphin's condition. It was agreed by the Vets and all those in attendance that the dolphin may have internal problems and was euthanised onsite. The body has been taken for a post mortem.

Special thanks go to the local people of Tenby who found the dolphin, to Rod, Terry, Daryl, Phil, Ashley Naidoo and Darryl Thorpe for their swift response.

Sue White