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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2009-05-27 17:32:51

Terrapin Rescue, Eyemouth Harbour

TerrapinOn Monday 25th May my partner Graeme and I were doing a big paint job on our boat which is moored in Eyemouth harbour. Nigel, one of the local lobster fishermen was delighted that he had spotted a "turtle" in the harbour! On hearing this I quickly threw my paint brush to one side, grabbed my handbook and gloves and headed off to try to find it. I managed to locate it at the slip and phoned BDMLR to let them know. I got a bucket with a rope and eventually managed to scoop it up. Karen Kirk the "On call" Coordinator had asked me to take a photo to confirm the identification of what I guessed was a terrapin. (having looked at the internet I believe it was a Red Eared Slider?). I took it aboard our boat to await Karens instructions as to were to take it to. Karen advised me to take it to Merlin Vets in Duns who were happy to hold on to the terrapin until the SSPCA could collect it and arrange re-homing. The vets had a makeshift tank waiting and the wee thing looked absolutely delighted with it! Well done to Nigel for spotting it and bringing it to my attention - undoubtedly one very lucky little terrapin as a result!!

Thanks go to Nigel, Karen, Merlin Vets Group and the SSPCA.

Gail Johnston
Edinburgh Medic