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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-05-31 12:57:08

BDMLR Cornwall Rescue Boat 'Josh' rescues local divers

Josh the BDMLR Cornwall rescue boatBDMLR Cornwall RIB 'Josh' was afloat for Marine Mammal Medic Boat training on the afternoon of Sunday 31 May 2009 in St Ives Bay. We were in the process of landing Area Co-ordinator Tim Bain when the crew overheard VHF radio traffic on the distress channel about a dive club RIB nearby that had sustained a seized engine. The crew of 'Josh' checked their position and determined that they were in a position to render help. Falmouth Coast Guard was informed that 'Josh' was available and ready to respond. Falmouth gave 'Josh' a direction to steer from St Ives Coastwatch, and so the BDMLR RIB set out to assist, after establishing radio communications with the stranded dive boat. On reaching the approximate area of the last radio message, 'Josh' commenced a search during which the casualty’s crew made visual contact. On coming alongside, an astern tow was passed, the casualty’s crew transferred and the return journey started. At this point the Hayle slipway attendant to the Harbour Master was contacted by mobile for advice about crossing the hazardous sand bar that blocks the entrance to Hayle harbour, whilst towing. The tide was on the way out, and it was critical that the 8 mile return journey be complete within an hour. 'Josh's' 135hp outboard was more than capable of pulling all at a speed of 14 knots, with both boats 'on the plane.' The sand bar at the mouth of the Hayle estuary was crossed at high speed to reduce the time at risk, and once safe inside the estuary the casualty vessel was transferred to a towing position alongside. Area Co-ordinator Dave Jarvis and Medic Lesley Jarvis were on hand to assist at the slipway on arrival, having been informed about the situation by Tim Bain. Marine Mammal Medics Jamie Shields, Simon and Martin Bone and Jan Ziolo crewed 'Josh', Martin, Simon and Jamie performing impressively on both their first training session afloat and their first shout as boat crew.

BDMLR Cornwall wishes to thank Hayle slipway attendant to the Harbour Master for his valuable help during the rescue.

Jan Ziolo