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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2009-06-05 17:19:55

Dolphin at Ingoldmells Point, Lincolnshire

On Friday evening around 17.30 I received a call from Jamie the Trainee Watch Officer at Yarmouth Coastguard. He had received a report of a live whale on the beach just north of Ingoldmells Point and had crew members on the way. A few minutes later the crew had arrived and identified the animal as being a 2 meter dolphin, possibly a Common in very good condition. I sent out a message to local medics and contacted local Area Coordinator James Brett. Russell New and Robin Shipston were en route when I received another call from Jamie to advise that the Coastguards had refloated the dolphin which swam directly out to sea, the Inshore Lifeboat watched the dolphin swim past the breakers. Russell carried on his journey and met the Coastguards as it was thought that the dolphin may re-strand. Russell checked all along the sea front and out at sea and the dolphin was not sighted again.

Well done to the Crew of the Great Yarmouth Coastguard and to Trainee Watch Officer Jamie Wilson for a successful refloat.

Sue White