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2009-06-10 11:58:46

RNLI help BDMLR vets reach Porpoise on Isle of May

On Wedneday 10th June BDMLR received a call about a young porpoise stranded on rocks out on the Isle of May in Scotland. BDMLR Vets Steve Drew and Cameron McPherson were local and available so rapidly got their gear together. However we needed to get them across to the Isle of May somehow. The tourist boat was already out on the Isle of May and would take too long to return and go back again, so BDMLR placed a call into the Coastguard for assistance. BDMLR were soon contacted back and the RNLI at Anstruther very kindly helped by launching their lifeboat to assist. The following report is from Cameron Mcpherson:

"I caught up with Stephen Drew and the RNLI crew at Anstruther harbour and got on scene at about 6pm. The porpoise itself was a neonate (lingual papillae, vibrissae, and a umbilicus of sorts - it appeared to have been traumatically removed by rocks though, or possibly by the seals that had been interested in it prior to the staff on the Isle getting to it. As such it was a fairly straight forward decision to euthanase. As always the RNLI guys were great and both Stephen and myself could not thank them enough for their help (although I am still feeling a little seasick!)" Cameron Mcpherson BDMLR Consultant Vet.

BDMLR would like to express its thanks to the researchers on the Isle of May, the RNLI Anstruther, the Forth Coastguard and to BDMLR vets Steve Drew and Cameron Mcpherson.

Trevor Weeks
BDMLR National Co-ordinator

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