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2009-05-31 10:35:57

Seal release, Donna Crook

Seal releaseI was asked by Lyndsey at Scarborough Sealife if I would release three seals for them at Donna Nook. As I was off, I jumped at the chance and Marlene and Dave Murray two other local Medics very kindly came with me.

We used the BDMLR trailor and went to Sealife to find our seals were still swimming around as the pool had not drained overnight, so thanks to Josh and Mat they hand pumped the water and waded in to capture the seals. Josh then realised the water was higher than his wellies so after much sloshing around from Josh, the seals we loaded them up (we only took two as one of the seals, Vegas, had an old injury flare up so they decided to keep him a bit longer, more about Vegas in another report).

On arrival we met the guys from Serco and they took us out in the tractors to the colony to release the seals. We noticed on the way a dead seal which looked like a Bull with a large juvenile pup by its side quite some distance away from the rest of the colony, we would investigate this seal a little later so carried on to release our seals. Initially one of the seals was reluctant to leave the tractor but eventually the call of the sea and instinct took over and they were gone.

On the way back we checked on the juvenile grey seal and the dead adult and we decided to move the youngster to nearer the colony. We caught it with the boxes we transported the seals in, took it to the colony and once we tipped the box it was off 0-90 in 5 seconds! I have never seen a seal move so fast. It had a small superficial graze to its back flipper but the salt from the sea would see to that (plus I don't think Lyndsey and her team would have appreciated us taking one back!)

Thanks as always to the guys at Donna Nook, Sealife for the care and rehabilitation of the seals (one of which I had taken in) and Medics Marlene and Dave.

Lesley Salisbury
Marine Mammal Medic

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