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2009-06-14 09:07:55

Humber Medics help organise and run two successful events

Dave and Freddie made a presentation to a Diving Club in Hull On 2nd June Joel, Dave and Freddie made a presentation to a Diving Club in Hull explaining the origin and remits of BDMLR. We also introduced information on national and local cetacean strandings, information on seal's habits, welfare and rescues, we discussed some of the research, data collection and scientific findings underpinning MARC and the national stranding network and obviously we also publicised our MMM Course.

The public appeared very interested and the feedback was very positive. Some people left their name to join a future course in Hull, others suggested venues and clubs where to spread 'our word' further among the public. A very pleasant evening spent in the company of a group of receptive listeners.

Thanks very much to Louise who contacted us to make the presentation and Rob who brought the necessary equipment. Jez made a great introduction for BDMLR and inspired us with future plans and possibility for courses. Thanks very much to 'all the Murray family' who are always supportive. Thanks Dave for contributing to the presentation, while Chris and Sally supported with their presence, sense of humour and friendliness.

On 13th June the Team was invited to take part to the Hull RSPCA Open Day in Clough Rd. This was a very good opportunity to advertise BDMLR to another social group of people and animal lovers. We made a good display board and chatted to many. The weather was great and the atmosphere relaxed.

The garden of the RSPCA was lovely, there were various dog competitions, Police horses, stalls and obviously the animals rescued by the Centre, who were the central focus of the day. Again a good opportunity to present BDMLR and what we do to the public and to strengthen our partnership with the RSPCA who have a small seal holding unit, available also to BDMLR.

Thanks very much to Medics Gemma and Jonathan (freshly graduated Marine Biologists from Hull University) who helped us to man the stall throughout the day. It has been great to meet you both and hope to have you involved in future trainings and events.

Freddie and Joel
Humber Team co-ordinators

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