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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-06-20 10:00:34

Another fulmar rescued from lime kilns

Male fulmar anxiously resting on the seaward wallIt's always with a sinking heart that I check the kiln and I see a bird flying around in an agitated state. Today the bird flying around landed on the outer wall which is an unusual place to see a Fulmar. I knew before I checked that there would be a bird there, the partner of this bird.

Sure enough a bird was looking up at me as soon as I peeked in! I believed it to be the female of the pair as she was slightly smaller than the bird on the wall. She wasn't happy about being in the bag giving odd squeaks and squawks and when released seemed a bit stressed and just sat in the long grass getting her breath back. We retired a little way and let her get used to her freedom and, after a few minutes, off she went. We chatted to some people who had arrived as the bird was recovered and released and then packed up to return to the car.

As we walked down the slope from the kiln the two birds overflew us slowly looking at us intently as if to say "thanks".

Bob Pert
Marine Mammal Medic