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2009-07-04 14:08:01

Sheerness Harbour seal pup rescue

Harbour seal pupI took a call from Jason Carter, Out of Hours Co-ordinator on 4th July regarding a sickly seal pup in Sheerness that needed transporting to RSPCA Mallydams. At the time I was wandering around the supermarket with my husband Bob doing the weekly shop so thankfully Michelle Spain offered to go up to Sheerness to collect it. On arrival there she discovered that the seal had already been picked up by members of the public and was resting on some cardboard and damp towels in a shopping trolley. Apparently they had wheeled it into the shade and were keeping it cool with water bearing in mind it was a jolly hot day. Getting over her initial shock of seeing the seal in this strange situation, we were then on the phone arranging a rendezvous point as Michelle did not want to transport it all the way in her rather lovely but warm black Coupe. She turned her back for only a minute and on turning round discovered that the seal had been picked up again and was now being cuddled like a baby. I heard her very calmly and politely asking the lady to "please put the seal in the crate" and I know that there was quite a lengthy discussion after that on what to do if you find a seal and that picking it up and stroking it was not the best idea in the world!

So Bob and I dashed home, put all the grub away and emptied the Land Rover of its usual equipment ready for its new passenger. We had arranged to meet Michelle in Seabrook car park from where we used to sit and watch Dave the Dolphin. Michelle arrived a few minutes later and we quickly swapped the Vari Kennel into the Land Rover and Michelle climbed in next to it so that she could continue to monitor it and keep it cool en route. It was a lovely drive to Mallydams along the coast road, thank goodness for Sat Nav however as I would never have found it otherwise.

The seal was checked over by RPSCA staff, she is a common or Harbour seal weighing 8.8kg, a bit lethargic but no obvious signs of injury. The people at Sheerness who found her named her Cameron (I think they thought she was a little boy) so I guess she is now of the Cameron Diaz variety.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the rescue of this little one.

Alex Levine
MMM Kent