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2009-07-15 12:48:54

Bottlenose having a ball!

Bottlenose dolphinOn Wednesday 15th July at around 17.30 we received a call at HQ from Kelly at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. She had received a message that a live Bottlenose dolphin was in the shallows on the island of Taransay. Murdo who runs Island Cruises to remote Islands around the Hebrides had been watching the animal all afternoon approx 2 feet from the shore and was worried that it would strand. Murdo described the dolphins behaviour as very calm, diving but only staying in an area of between 2ft-10ft from the beach, maybe it was caught in netting? After speaking with James Barnett our Vet Consultant he thought that the dolphin may have been feeding and if possible to monitor the animal. Murdo said that he had passengers aboard and would be staying in the area until tomorrow morning so he could monitor and inform us of any changes. I spoke with Murdo again the next morning and he said the dolphin had gone, he also said that two snorkelers went and had a look at the area the dolphin was in, there were no nets but there was an abundance of sand eels that the dolphin was feeding on! As you can see this is a very happy, healthy smug dolphin!

Our thanks go to Murdo MacDonald from Island Cruising and James Barnett.

Sue White

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