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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-08-14 18:33:46

Common Seal Pup at Formby, Liverpool

Common seal pupLouise Mitchell a BDMLR Medic who works on the National Trust site called BDMLR to report a seal pup on the beach at Formby. A text was sent out to medic's in the area for help, Steve O'Connor the Area Coordinator was not too far away and went straight to the pup. Steve caught the pup which was quite feisty at first but shattered and was in need of rest. He also found it to be very thin around the pelvic area and no signs of any adults in the water. After sending the picture to BDMLR Vet Consultants James Barnett and Darryl Thorpe it was confirmed to be a young Common that was indeed thin and needed to be brought in for rehab. RSPCA Stapley Grange is the nearest rehab facility and they said they could take the pup. Steve is on his way to the centre which will take approx 90mins.

Our thanks go to the National Trust Warden, Louise Mitchell, Steve O'Connor and RSPCA Stapely Grange.

Sue White