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2009-08-16 15:12:37

Common Seal Pup at Saltpans, Cumbria

Seal pup with ulcerated eyeI received a call from Medic Margaret Morton to say, a friend of hers had phoned her to tell her about a seal pup at Saltpans, between Maryport and Allonbey. Pup was described as being flat!

Medic Tracy Routledge attended she advised that the pup was getting thrown about in surf, and seemed to have no energy. I advised Tracy to uplift pup. When Tracy caught and checked the pup she noticed the pup had white coloration in both eyes. A picture was sent to me so that we could get advice from our Vet Consultant. I contacted a local Vet Vicki Temple, who was happy to take the pup in and Tracy was able it transport it straight away.

When the photo came through, I was able to email it directly to Vet Consultant Darryl Thorpe as I didn't like the look of the eyes. Vicki phoned to say she had examined pup and found very extensive ulceration in left eye, with some, but not as much also in right eye. I put her in touch with Darryl, and after they had spoken I then spoke to Vicki again. It was agreed that Vicki will operate on this pups eyes in the morning.

The operation went well yesterday (Monday) and Vicki was able to relay the pup to North West Coordinator Steve O'Connor today (Tuesday). The pup should arrive at the RSPCA Stapley Grange Wildlife Centre around 18.00.

Our thanks go to Margaret Morton, Margarets friend, Tracy Routledge, Vicki temple, Darryl Thorpe, Steve O'Connor, Steve Bexton at RSPCA East Winch and RSPCA Stapely Grange.

Karen Kirk
Medic and Our of Hours Coordinator