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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2009-08-20 11:51:56

Big Deal for Little Pup

At 13.50 BDMLR Medic Brett Lewis received a report of a small seal on the beach near the Coastguard Station at Deal in Kent. Brett arrived and checked the area with the local RSPCA Officer but the pup was nowhere to be seen. At 16.31 BDMLR HQ received a call from Mr Chandler at Deal Pier to advise that there was a small distressed pup just north of the Pier. Brett had left the beach and was on his way to Dartford, time was of the essence as we didn't want to lose the pup again. Bob Levine was able to get to the beach within 20 minutes and Michelle Spain was not far behind. Bob found the pup which was very small and skinny. When Michelle arrived they were able to catch and check the pup over. The pup was male and was found to have an ulcerated mouth, which could be the reason why he was unable to feed. We called RSPCA Mallydams in Fairlight, luckily they could take the pup in for rehabilitation. They advised that Tina, their ACO, was in the Deal area and would be able to transport the pup to the centre. We have heard this morning that the seal pup, now named "Roger", is doing well. He has received fluids and antibiotics and should make a full recovery.

Our thanks go to Mr Chandler, Brett Lewis, Bob Levine, Michelle Spain, Tina and RSPCA Mallydams for their help this successful rescue.

Sue White