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2009-08-24 12:42:37

Busy week in Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Seal pupOn Monday 17 August, I came off duty from Hull Prison at 20.10 and picked up my messages (not being allowed my mobile in the prison for obvious reasons). Seal on South beach in Bridlington being harassed by drunks! So off I went to assist the members of the public standing guard.

On arrival the directions I received resulted in no seal and no lady in a white dress in sight, plus the fact that we were losing the light rapidly (just as well I know that beach well as it is where I ride my horse and flat).

Eventually I met up with the lady and off we set to the seal. I realised it was further up the beach than I first thought, so I went back for my car and torch (note to self: when you change batteries make sure you don't put dud ones back in).

After much toing and froing in the dark, a jogger came out of the gloom, stepped on said seal and the seal took itself off back into the sea. Hey-ho.

On Wednesday 19 August, I came off duty again and picked up a message of a seal on South beach in Bridlington (here we go again!). At least it was earlier in the day and it was light. On arrival the seal had gone back into the sea (deja vu) but then a member of the public said it had come out again further up the beach, so with the two lifeguards in assistance we ran up the beach (well they ran as they were fitter and younger than me, I went in my car). They nicknamed the seal pup Seth.

The pup looked fairly healthy but undernourished, had no injuries and no problem with its mouth as we have been getting recently with other seals.

I took the seal to the Scarborough Sealife Centre and on examination 'he' was found to be a 'she', so she is now called Adelaide and doing well. I am going to take some friends to Sealife on Friday to see her.

Our thanks go to the members of the public, Bridlington lifeguards and Scarborough Sealife Centre.

Lesley Salisbury
Yorkshire Medic