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2009-08-25 10:56:55

Update on seal pups Jules and Freddy

Jules (left) and Freddy (right) the seal pupsFreddy and Jules have spent the last couple of weeks learning to feed for themselves.

Freddy had picked it up quickest but was still ripping the fish rather than eating them whole. This meant the week previously Freddy only put on around 1 kilo while Jules put on around 300 grams. Nothing unusual while they learn. We noticed Jules eating better last weekend and Monday's (17 August) weight came in at: Jules - 14.2 kg and Freddy 16.2 kg. They were eating much better over the next few days, with there being less and less ripped fish in the pen. We were feeding them from outside the pen and then leaving them alone to feed as Jules would sit at the front waiting to be hand fed. While they were ripping some apart, they soon were going straight for the fish when thrown in the pen.

Jules the seal pupThis was borne out by there weights on Friday (21 August) just four days later as Freddy had put on over a kilo (17.5) about normal gain, but Jules was an amazing 17.2 kg! She had put on 3 kilos in four days and because they are so active and swimming all day it seems a healthy gain as she isn't looking overly fat, rather she has grown, as they both have length ways and both look very healthy.

We are moving them in the morning to the larger pen for a few days until we make sure Freddy is getting enough away from the greedy Jules and then it will be out to the pool.

Jamie Dyer
Scotland Co-ordinator