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2009-08-29 16:42:16

Another Common Pup from Spurn Point, Humberside

Seal pupSteve O'Connor our new "Out of Hours" Coordinator had a busy Bank holiday weekend. One of the calls he received was on Saturday at 15.30 a lone seal pup was reported at post 31. Medic's Tanya Riley and Coordinators Joel & Freddie Taylor quickly responded. The pup was underweight, had lesions around it's mouth and a temperature of 38 degress. By 16.48 the pup had been uplifted and was enroute to Swanbridge vets. The pup was thoroughly checked out at the Vets and found to have an ulcer at the top centre of it's mouth and lower jaw and a blister type wound to the rear right underside flipper. The pup was given fluids and medication and the next morning was relayed to RSPCA East Winch by David Murray and Russell New. We received an update today Tuesday 1st Sept, The pup has been named "Luna" and is doing really well.

Our thanks go to Tanya, Freddie, Joel, the staff at Swanbridge Vets, Dave, Russell, RSPCA East Winch and to Steve who did a marvellous job over the weekend.

Sue White