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2009-08-26 17:53:15

Poorly Common Pup, Danes Dyke, East Yorkshire

Poorly seal pupOn 26th of this month I received a call from Danes Dyke near Bridlington of a seal in distress. On arrival spoke to a family who had seen the seal and took Marlene and myself to where they had seen it and yes you have guessed it -- Gone!!

Marlene and I had a good look round but as all medics know looking for seals on a rocky beach "needle" and "haystack" come to mind. Just as we were about to leave we noticed a couple of people dancing up and down (like their dad) and thought it was us they were trying to attract and not a strange beach dance, so hurried over to see what was going on. There was a small common pup just on the waters edge, in a rock pool and as it saw us going towards it headed off to sea. So of I go over slippery seaweed (very graceful!) to try and catch it as it definitely looked poorly. The actual capture was me up to my knees in a rock pool and an new variation of uplifting a seal,unconventional but it worked and it was bundled into the seal bag!

We transferred it into my cage and set of to Sealife with our little bundle. Lyndsey and Todd met us at Sealife and went into full ER mode (every time I watch them work I am so impressed, thanks guys) and our little seal was then left in peace. It was a little boy and named in Suva.

You notice I used the past tense because unfortunately despite all our efforts he was too poorly and at the weekend deteriorated rapidly and the decision was made to put him to sleep.

Lesley Salisbury
East Yorkshire Medic