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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-08-30 17:56:38

Common Pup on a Drain at Bamston, East Yorkshire

Seal pupOn Sunday Lyndsay rang to say there were two seals. one at Barmston, on the drain, and one at Filey Brigg (I then received a text from Steve)

I arranged to assess the seal at Barmston first and then go to Filey Brigg. Lyndsay rang back and informed me that the seal at Filey was only accessible down the fishermans ladders, yeah right! She suggested that if she could contact Todd he could do the climbing bit and I could do the transfer bit. As Todd is younger and probably fitter than me (at my age I dont bounce like I used to!). I thought that was a good idea so of I go to Barmston.

I met with the lady who called the seal in and she showed me where the seal was and yes it was actually on the drain, obviously came in with the tide and stranded itself under the post at the end. Thankfully it was a really healthy pup no trauma, no swelling or bleeding round its mouth a lovely looking pup. It made the decision for me and took itself of and dived back into the sea. Good result!

The seal at Filey was rescued by Todd, well done that man and Bruce took it to Sealife.

Just recently the rescues I have done have been in some difficult and awkward places so may I just say one thing," thank heavens seals can't fly!)

Lesley Salisbury
East Yorkshire Medic