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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-09-12 09:12:39

Seal pup Weybourne beach, Norfolk

Seal pupI was covering the out of hours calls on Saturday and received a call from Laura James. She was with a seal pup on the beach with bleeding rear flippers. On asking she described it as white with yellow coloration. A text was sent out to local Medics Elliot Simpson responded and was on his way. Laura couldn't wait but left Mrs Petersmith to watch over pup until Elliot arrived.

From the photograph that was taken the pup looked quite good weight, but possibly a little thin in pelvic area.

I spoke to Elliot again, asked about size he estimated between 2 1/2-3 feet long said pup was looking warm but making no move to return to sea. Cuts on rear flippers looked fresh and very bloody. Taking into account all factors decision was taken to uplift. Medics Fiona Tibbitt and Stephen Lane were also on route with a carrier to help uplift the pup and transport to RSPCA East Winch. Unfortuntely, this pup has had to be euthanised due to a high temperature and fitting. RSPCA East Winch will carry out a Post-mortem examination.

Our thanks go to Laura James, Mrs Petersmith, Medics Elliot, Fiona and Stephen and RSPCA East Winch.

Karen Kirk
Out of hours Coordinator