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2009-09-22 16:48:18

River Clyde Whale - Update 24 Sept

River Clyde WhaleMedics have been watching a 5 metre cetacean swimming in the River Clyde at Glasgow. It stranded for about 6-7 minutes during the night but was able to push itself off into deeper water.

This morning Veterinary Consultant Cameron McPherson and rescue pontoons from Edinburgh and Cumbria were mobilised. We are awaiting an assessment of the whale thought to be a Northern Bottlenose Whale.

5pm update: Due to the depth of water it has been very difficult to assess the animal which has also been moving about a lot. We still cannot confirm the species but it is strongly thought to be a Northern Bottlenose Whale. But a very small animal and not in very good condition. The only source of Immobilon seems to Edinburgh Zoo and they are too busy to help today. Other options are being explored.

Day 3 - Wednesday 23rd Sept

BDMLR Vet Consultant Cameron McPherson advised that the whale was last see at around 15.00 heading West towards the Erskine Bridge.  We hope that it will keep going in this direct.  At 18.00 the whale was sighted back at Squinty Bridge in the centre of Glasgow.

Day 4 - Thursday 24th Sept

No sightings of the whale have been received today.

Trevor Weeks
National co-ordinator

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