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2009-09-29 12:30:41

Kent seal pups released back in to the sea

Kent seals released back in to the seaWay back in July, Michelle Spain picked up two seal pups, one from Louisa Bay in Broadstairs and the other from Sheerness. Both of them were taken to RSPCA Mallydams. Burt weighed 9.7 kg and Cameron was a wee 8.8 kg and still had her umbilical cord attached on arrival. Since then they have been eating the centre out of fish going through at least 3 kg each day. Final weights were 28.8 kg and 31.5 kg respectively.

Having stayed in touch with their progress we (Michelle, Lyn, Alex and Bob) were delighted to be able to assist in the release of these two on Friday 19 September. The day started quite early with the drive to RSPCA Mallydams where we met up with Richard Thompson and his staff. Whilst the big pool which has been home for Burt and Cameron since July was draining, we were shown around the facilities and given coffee and donuts. Then Cameron and Burt had to be cajoled into the varikennels with some tempting fish and loaded into the van and we were ready for the off. We ended up in a small convoy as two TV crews had also come to film the release.

When we got to the beach there was already a crowd of people there so the decision was taken to release them quickly. Cameron was first out of the kennel and headed down to the water closely followed by Burt. It was quite windy and as a result both pups were rolling about in the breakers for some time before they managed to make any headway. It was an agonising few minutes thinking that they might both give up and clamber back up the beach but thankfully they persevered and were soon bobbing about in the distance. It was a wonderful experience to see the pups fit and healthy and returned to their wild habitat.

We went back to the centre to finish off the donuts and to wait for Trevor who was bringing in the seal pup from St Leonards who had spent several hours sitting on a man's lap. Trevor arrived fairly shortly after our return so we were able to see the pup being settled in prior to leaving.

Our thanks to Richard and his staff for their hospitality, no doubt we will see you all very soon!

Alex, Michelle and Lyn
Kent Marine Mammal Medics