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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-10-19 09:44:30

Return to Godrevy, Cornwall

Seal pupOnly three days after the rescue of an injured seal pup, BDMLR medics were called upon to again descend into the cove at Godrevy. Initially, Area Co-ordinator Dave Jarvis received a text message from Cornwall Seal Group founder and medic Sue Sayer, just after 08.00, to advise that another seal pup had appeared on the cove. It appeared to be about 3 days old, but with no apparent injuries, but by 10.00 a further message was received from Sue to identify her concerns about the young pup, as it was displaying behavioural characteristics reminiscent of another animal from a previous season that had been abandoned. The pup was expending a lot of energy moving up and down the beach, as well as actively swimming, apparently in a futile attempt to find it's mother, who was nowhere to be seen. Medic Dan Jarvis was mobilised to the scene to assist with observations. but around 12.00 an adult male was seen to interact with the pup, which resulted in the latter apparently being bitten. Therefore, Dan contacted Animal Care Supervisor Tamara Cooper at the National Seal Sanctuary to advise her of the latest developments, at which point he was asked to make arrangements to examine the pup at close quarters. By 14.00 a team consisting of Area Co-ordinators Tim Bain and Dave Jarvis and medics Sue Sayer, Dan and Lesley Jarvis, Kate Hockley and Sue and Trevor Waterhouse had assembled on the clifftop. Using BDMLR climbing equipment Tim and Dan went down into the cove and walked across the beach to the immobile pup. They carried out an examination and whilst there was no apparent sign of a bite wound, the pup had various scuffs to it's chin and all of it's flippers, with a relatively fresh umbilicus, but when taking the temperature this was found to be only 35.1°. This information was transmitted to Tamara, who requested that the pup be uplifted and transported to the Seal Sanctuary, which was immediately carried out by the team on the beach.

Thanks to all the medics involved, but especially to Sue Sayer for her seven hour vigil.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Area Co-ordinator